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What’s the most challenging part of your artistic process? 
And how do you overcome it? _interview with 123artmagazine

• Soilart DoJoong-Jo:     Colors that cannot be expressed with paints.
• The struggle with the soil to get it. It is because the fate of Soil is not unusual to not ask about the history of one eye that seems uncomfortable. 
• Materials such as quartz, feldspar, mica, and calcite in loess are oxidized together with iron. 
• This is just the compass of his long journey, chemistry that turns into a variety of colors such as yellow, purple, red, gray, and off-green. The mysterious color, the various living things in the soil, the solar energy contained in the soil, and the subtle lunar energy were all polyhedral, truly jewel-like soil.

I hold a magnifying glass to classify colors that can’t be distinguished with the naked eye. 

• Even if I wrestle with the soil day and night like this, there is a color that is so rare that it disappears with a single brushstroke. 
• Picking out the soil, mixing it with water, and transferring it to the canvas is the process of realizing my weaknesses and weaknesses. 
• For the first 15 years I worked on this soil, my studio was in a remote mountain with no tap water. It was a terrible recluse that neither TV nor radio appeared.
• What is clear is that I, who gave up my life and lived in hiding like a desperate man, bloomed again as soil, earth flowers, and red flowers.

I always prayed for wisdom to help me draw pictures 
that cannot be seen in this world. And because God 
listened, my works were born.

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