A squirrel appeared in the picture

Painter's most recent work
I expressed a dead tree in the woods.

The bark of the tree is all peeled off

The insects eat it, and there are holes in it.

The creatures of nature that seemed to have died and disappeared

To get alive, take shape, sprout, and bloom
It is a work that expresses life and hope.
Squirrel has cg effect

Hope budding in a situation of despair

It’s just me, it’s also the shape of us all

I am concentrating to express the sound of grass bugs, the sound of the wind, and the chorus of nature.

Squirrel cg effect on the back

Squirrel disappears when the painter tries to look

A flower painted with earth, the painter described it as an Ground flower.

You can see the Earth Flower Exhibition through the video below.

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