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Art is longing for eternity.


I used to love oil paintings. 
Although it was well-received by people, the problem of originality could not 
be reached with oil painting. 
I looked for countless methods and techniques, but I came to the conclusion 
that it is impossible to find originality with that degree of change, and even 
now, that thought remains the same.


When traces of someone’s attempts a hundred or two hundred years ago 
were found, they were relentlessly discarded. 
Because it makes no sense to follow others’ accomplishments.
‘There is no more. 
Even though I was trying to find what I didn’t have, I had a hard time, so it 
would be better to give up at this point.’

‘God, help me to paint pictures that cannot be seen in this world!’ When I no 
longer had the energy to work before bed, I lay down and prayed.


One day, when I was going up and down the mountain, a red flower bloomed 
a little away. 
That’s when the frost is about to fall. 
The plant is frosted and its head is bowed, which is weird. 
When I went, it wasn’t a flower, it was a lump of soil.

At that moment,’ 
This is what I was looking for!’ 
The thoughts of thinking flow through endlessly. 
An electric current flowed all over my body.
I just jumped home with a chunk of red dirt.
I don’t run. 
My personality is optimistic, so I walk in rain or snow.
That day I ran Pababak. 

I put red soil right in front of the oil painting. 
Compared to the color of oil paintings, the emotions are very different.

You can create similar colors with oil paints, but you cannot express your 
• The soil is cozy. Warm. It is comfortable and calm. 
• This feeling cannot be felt with the color of the paint. 
• 1. To draw nature as close as possible using oil paint
• 2. Drawing using natural colors
• These two cannot be the same. In this way, I was able to gain creativity.

Art is longing for eternity.


Digging, picking the soil, sorting the soilOne day I suddenly realized that I was dirt myself. 
I don’t know if it’s because I remembered the words in the Bible saying,’ The body came from dirt, so it returns 
to dirt’, but I realized myself as really insignificant dirt. 

Perhaps that’s why it became more enjoyable to trim and sort the soil. All living things in nature live only the time given by God. I, too, will live for the amount of time God has given me, and in the meantime, I will continue this new work. 

This work is in the time given to meIt will be the breath to breathe with the soil. 
The day I take the time God has lent me, I will return to eternity again, and I want to put the image of eternity in my heart and draw it on my canvas.


Interview with Dojoong Jo – the artist of soil



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