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Art is
for eternity.




Art is a new discovery. For that reason, I wanted to get away from the same art form while I was working.

This discovery had to start by erasing past experiences or knowledge


The new start, which started by rejecting the techniques I had enjoyed in the past or the composition I had used in the past, was a little vague at first, and I had to feel even the slightest bit of anxiety.


Sometimes, I wanted to cling to the experiences of the past, and there were

moments when, contrary to the new heart, I couldn't help but run towards my

deep affection for the old.

However, I think that when an artist overcomes these burdens and is free, he can come into contact with nature anew and see it more deeply and broadly.


When even the thought of erasing the experience disappears at some point, the eyes are opened to see the essence of things anew.

Will the eyes of the heart be opened from this point on?

So I wanted to throw away even my thoughts


While digging, sorting, and sorting soil, one day I suddenly realized that I was the soil.


Maybe it was because I remembered the saying in the Bible, 'The body came from dust, and to dust it returns', but I thought of myself as a very insignificant piece of dust.


As a result, digging, trimming, and sorting soil from the ground began to become more enjoyable.

Before I moved the soil to the canvas, it felt very precious to do such a thing.

And I liked the encounter with the soil.

All living things in nature live only the time given by God.

I too will live for the time God has given me, in the meantime I will continue to work on this.

This work will become a breath that breathes together with the soil in the time given to me.


The day I take the time God lent me,

I will return to eternity,

I want to keep that eternity in my heart and paint it on my canvas

knar_chorus2 80 x 100.jpg
knar 94x88.jpg
knar_secret crush 94x88.jpg
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