Art is a new discovery

Art is a new discovery. 
• So, while I was working on it, I had a desire to break 
away from the same art form.
• This discovery had to start with erasing past 
experiences, knowledge, or experiences. When even the 
thought of erasing the experience disappears at some 
point, a new look at the essence of things opens up. 
• From this point on, do you think your eyes open to 
seeing with your heart? 
• So I wanted to throw away even my thoughts. 

• The new start, which started by rejecting the techniques 
I enjoyed in the past or the screen composition I used, 
was a bit vague at first, and I had to feel a bit of anxiety. 
Sometimes I wanted to cling to the experiences of the 
past, and unlike my new heart, I felt a strong affection 
for the old. However, I think that when a painter is free 
from this burden, he can get a new touch of nature and 
see it deeper and wider.




knar, 2018, soil on canvas.

45.5cm x 53.3cm



I said that it would not be an exaggeration to call Jo Do-joong's '1st soil painting' as'the age of yellow-red color' and '2nd period' as'the era of turquoise'.


As such, the works are full of vitality and vitality.

However, it has been mentioned earlier that the canvas, which had been filled with intense saturation in the'third,' which is still in progress, becomes relatively quiet, and instead deep thoughts are unfolding in the silence of the forest.

In addition,

this period is the time when Jo Do Joong's unique and unique shapes, which are like the ‘a pile of stones embedded in the sedimentary layer’ mentioned at the beginning of this article, as well as the ‘the bark of an old pine tree,’ and ‘the oyster bark’, appear in his works.


Of course, these shapes still exert a tension of power, but the colors as a whole have become calmer.

A large number of gray forces were put into the work, and the ocher color, like his faith, was toned down, making it much more subtle.

The tension and dynamism of power rising from the soil of life

Byung-Tak Ho (poet, literary critic)