Colors that cannot be expressed with paints.

The struggle with the soil to get it


•Also, you say “You can create similar colors with oil paints, but you can’t express emotions”.

Could you expand on that thought a bit?

•Soilart Jo:


The soil is cozy. Warm. It is comfortable and calm.

This feeling cannot be felt with the color of the paint.

1. To draw nature as close as possible using oil paint

2. Drawing using natural colors

These two cannot be the same. In this way,

I was able to gain creativity

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As the night passes, the dawn gets brighter and brighter.
The dark background of light and the color of white tones make for such a dawn scene.

Processed in an abstract form in the forest at dawn
Landscape of raspberries in the morning dew.
Is the red color of the raspberry earthy?
The color of the soil is more diverse than you think.

The background of the dawn when the darkness was released was treated as a mysterious purple.
It is not easy to find dust by color.
Sometimes there are a lot of rare colored soils that are irreversible with just one use.

This work was painted in 2008.
It is a lower level work than the knar series, drawn since 2014.
But, Works painted with precious dirt that cannot be obtained again.
It's a more valuable piece than a knar piece because it can't be repainted twice.