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soilart Jo-DoJoong is an artist represented by agora gallery and monat gallery

From April 2021           :  represented by agoragallery in Chelsea, New York
From November 2021  : represented by monatgallery Madrid 

unnamed 45.5x 53.3.jpg

Soilart Jo-DoJoong

raspberry 73 x 91.jpg
knar_raspberry 73 x 91.jpg

knar-raspberry published in Korean literary journal <Expression>

By composing the painting so that the tree trunks and flowers in the abstractly processed background have a sense of rhythm,
It can be seen that the artist constantly tries to draw the sounds and vitality of nature beyond expressing simple shapes.
The tree trunks are forever resembling the soil, and as a result, the trees of the forest are like the trees of the soil.
As a result, it turns out that the trees in the work were the trees of life.


The subject matter of his work was nature. However, at some point, numerous figures appear in his works. it's from about 2015
At that time, he was just starting his knar work. A knar is created to heal wounds when a tree is sick. Pain and healing, the conception of new life. He got his inspiration from knar And as countless figures of life were embroidered on the knar, his work became more complete.

chorus2 (5).jpg

knar chorus


In 2020, the knar chorus was born.


If the previous knar was a bit crude, the knar chorus is more feminine. Softness is emphasized and colors are more colorful He is currently working on the chorus series.

In 2020, knar chorus was sent to the Agora Gallery in the United States as soon as he was born. At that time, his work entered the New York art market for the first time in his life, and the newly born knar chorus was chosen.

Page, Associate Director of Agora Gallery at the time, said.

Collectors have been so responsive to the work's unique colors and textures, we couldn't be more pleased.

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