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미술품 투자│조도중 화백│베니스 비엔날래 출품작│숲의 요정

투자 : 시원아트1호주식회사

세계 3대 비엔날래 '베니스 비엔날래' 전시중 작품인, 조도중 화백의 대표작 [knar_forest fairy, 캔버스에 흙, 112cmx 145cm, 2014 s]에 투자하는 프로젝트 입니다. 향후 작품 매각시 투자금액에 비례하여 수익을 배분받게 됩니다.

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               전시장소: Priuli Bon Exhibition Space
Curator: Viviana Vannucci

Director: Liaquat Ali Lucky

Colaborate: Serradifalco Editore,

Musa International, Zero Otto srl


Location: Spazio Staert (Priuli Bon Exhibition space)

Croce 1979/A) in Venice

Period: 2024. 04. 18-

Title: "The Contact"


Soil artist  Jo-Do Joong   

Dojoong jo is a pioneer in painting techniques using clay.

He developed a style that challenged the norms of art, known as "Earth Painting." Dojoong's work, which blossoms from inspiration and experimentation, aims to return viewers to nature, as he believes that soil conveys a natural eternity to humanity.

The connection with nature experienced through his paintings is vivid. This is because we can recognize materials through color, texture, smell, and temperature.

Since soil is the home of everyone's heart, these familiar elements evoke a universal experience and nostalgia for the homeland.

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official artist  The 60th Biennale di venezia !