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Soil artist  Jo-Do Joong   

DoJoong Jo is a pioneer in the technique of using soil as a material in painting, making him the world leader in the style known as “Earth Painting” or "Soil art". He created the process out of a moment of inspiration and began experimenting and manipulating red soil.

Over the past 24 years, he has developed his technique and expanded his materials to create unique mediums, colors, and application processes for soil art. The minerals in soil lend original colors to his works and allow the work to shimmer when illuminated, creating an exquisite effect and impression.

Dojoong holds a Master of Fine Arts from Chung-Ang University in Western Painting. He has devoted his life to art since he won the 16th Korea National Art Exhibition in 1967 when he was a freshman in college. He is the youngest painter in Korean history to receive an ‘honorable mention’.

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Artist of soil, Dojoong Jo, represented by agora gallery chelsea, NewYork. based in south korea


                 Recent Exhibition
July 22-29, 2023 , Corso Italia 87, 97100 Ragusa.


Past  Exhibition

Recent Exhibition
    Florence Biennale 

2023.10 : XIV Florence Biennale 2023

Earth painting, Soilart gallery

Soil is the source of all life and the hometown of our hearts. However, modern people who are accustomed to asphalt and concrete are forgetting the existence and meaning of soil.

Soil is our motherhood, our living ground, and a resting place to return to when we die. From the soil life springs up, and it spreads its branches, blossoms, and bears fruit without haste. return to the ground So the soil is nature, humility, faith, and waiting.


The artist says that there is no nation on earth that will reject this soil because there is no human being who does not know that ‘soil contains the mother’s heart’ through any ethnic group in ‘America, Africa, Europe, or Asia’.

So, I made the most original work with the most Korean and most pan-human materials ,

and I said that I wanted to paint a picture that moves people like the unchanging soil.

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Earth Painting

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Artist Statement*

Beautiful paintings are great works. However, it is not a work of art or a cultural property.

I think a work of art, first, must have originality, and secondly, no one should be able to imitate it.

september 2021

September 2021

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