Soil artist  Jo-Do Joong   

DoJoong Jo is a pioneer in the technique of using soil as a material in painting, making him the world leader in the style known as “Earth Painting” or "Soil art". He created the process out of a moment of inspiration and began experimenting and manipulating red soil.

Over the past 24 years, he has developed his technique and expanded his materials to create unique mediums, colors, and application processes for soil art. The minerals in soil lend original colors to his works and allow the work to shimmer when illuminated, creating an exquisite effect and impression.

Dojoong holds a Master of Fine Arts from Chung-Ang University in Western Painting. He has devoted his life to art since he won the 16th Korea National Art Exhibition in 1967 when he was a freshman in college. He is the youngest painter in Korean history to receive an ‘honorable mention’.

                                                                             -from Agora gallery catalog-

In 2021, 54 years after that, his first participation in the international exhibition was swissartexpo2021 in Zurich. Also participated in ArtexpoNewYork artpair
His original work has attracted the attention of collectors around the world, and in 2021,
He has received exhibition proposals from more than 10 art-related groups
and galleries in the US and Europe.
He is currently represented by agora gallery in New York and monat gallery in Madrid
He is also collaborating with and scheduled to exhibit at Urbanside gallery and Thomson gallery in Switzerland, artifact gallery in Manhattan, artavita in California, and itsliquid group in italy
In 2022, international art competitions are scheduled to take place in Zurich, Switzerland, Paris, France, Venice, italy, NewYork, USA and Madrid, Spain.

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Artist of soil, Dojoong Jo, represented by agora gallery chelsea, NewYork. & monat gallery Madrid. 
based in south korea

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Photo : Artexpo NewYork 2021,   Reprisal& Rediscovery,  SwissArtExpo 2021

Recent Exhibition

2021.08   Swiss art expo 2021, (Artbox gallery, zurich)

2021.09   Reprisal & Rediscovery, (agora gallery chealsea, New York)

2021.10   Art expo New york , (agora gallery)

2022.01   Paris Artpair , (monat gallery Madrid, spain)

2022.02   Artbox.project World2.0, (Urbanside gallery Zurich, Swiss)

2022.2.22~3.13    Art Festival from italy (in collaboration with Korea Art Promotion Agency , Galleria Antonio Battaglia, milano, italy)

2022.03.04~3.25   CANVAS venice international Art Fair  , (itsliquid group, italy)

2022. 04       Artexpo NewYork , (artavita, california)

Upcoming Exhibition

2022. 05 20 ~06. 03 :  Rome international Art Fair2022 (itsliquid Gruou, italy)

2022. 07  : 'Continuity: Modern and Contemporary Masters' (artifact212 gallery, Manhattan)

2022. 07 : Musa Pavilion 2022, 59th Biennale di Venezia (Musa art association, Rome, italy)

2022.08  :  swiss art expo 2022, (artboxy, zurich)

2022.09 :  Focus Art Fair (Honglee, 99 rue du Rivoli, 75001 Paris)

2022.11 :  upcoming (agora gallery, chelsea, NewYork)

2022.11 :  upcoming (monat gallery Madrid, spain)

Earth painting, Soilart gallery

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important World Artists V 

soilart works was featured in The digital version

of the book Important World Artists V 
you can view it at

The second issue of Art IDEAL magazine was published
My work is featured on page 109
The Circle Foundation for the Arts is a French art magazine company founded in 2017

and functions as an international art platform.

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Recent ExhibitionCANVAS venice international Art Fair, 
March 3 to March 25, 2022 .


Interview: Soilart Jo-Dojoong
Luca Curci talks with Soilart Jo-Dojoong during CANVAS INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2022, at ITSLIQUID ART SPACE – Venice Grand Canal.


Upcoming Exhibition'Continuity: Modern and Contemporary Masters'

artifact212 gallery, Manhattan

See the Manhattan Art Festival

We are pleased to announce that this July, we will be participating in 'Continuity: Modern and Contemporary Masters' by the artifact212 gallery in Manhattan.

This special project
will include the works of contemporary artists along with
Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Joan Miro. It will explore the links between contemporary and modern art,
its evolution and validity in the present cultural and social context.

The exhibition is organized as a major cultural event with an extensive multimedia promotional campaign

Upcoming Exhibition : Swiss Art Expo 2022, August 2022, Zurich

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SAE21_Edit-426 Kopie.jpg

Upcoming ExhibitionFocus Art Fair (Honglee company, Paris)
Exhibition Date: September 1 - September 4, 2022
Location: 99 rue du Rivoli, 75001 Paris
Opening Reception: September 2, 2022 6:00 - 8:00 PM

soilart partner galleries around the world

agora gallery/New york
agora gallery/New york
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urbanside gallery/zurich
urbanside gallery/zurich
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thomson gallery/zurich
thomson gallery/zurich
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monat gallery/Madrid
monat gallery/Madrid
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artavita/ California
artavita/ California
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artifact212 gallery,Manhattan
artifact212 gallery,Manhattan
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itsliquid group_italy
itsliquid group_italy

itsliquid group_italy

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honglee company_Paris
honglee company_Paris
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We are pleased to announce that we have been selected for the ARTBOXY Artist Sponsorship hosted by Thomson gallery in Switzerland.

ARTBOXY has various physical partner galleries around the world (such as Thomson Gallery)artists will have the opportunity to choose three of their uploaded artworks each month and exhibit them in ARTBOXY partner galleries of their choice for the whole month!

Either all three artworks can be exhibited in the same gallery, or each one individually in a different gallery!

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Earth Painting

PAST EXHIBITION (Swissartexpo2021, Artexpo NewYork2021)
PAST EXHIBITION (Swissartexpo2021, Artexpo NewYork2021)
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Reprisal&Rediscovery(Agora gallery)
Reprisal&Rediscovery(Agora gallery)
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PARIS-Art Fair
PARIS-Art Fair
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Artist Statement*

Beautiful paintings are great works. However, it is not a work of art or a cultural property.

I think a work of art, first, must have originality, and secondly, no one should be able to imitate it.

October 2021

Soilart works on display in a luxury house

The exhibition held at a luxury home in New Jersey was produced in collaboration with Agora Gallery and NJLUX.

Two soilart works were exhibited. In addition, works by many artists from Agora Gallery were exhibited together.

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