soil art suggestion

Soil paintings take several times more effort and time to paint than oil paintings.

No more than 200 works by the painter in 73 lifetimes. (You can see that many of the world's masters drew 2000 works each.)

Each and every value is so much more precious

Consumers who purchase works from soilart are the same as shareholders of soilart.

soilart strives to increase the value of the soil paintings owned by customers

by continuing to increase the value of the works.

soilart is under consideration. This is a plan for Soilart to repurchase at the customer's purchase price 3 years after the customer purchases the product.

(Of course if the customer wants.)


This is possible because of the belief that the value of the world's first original earth painting will continue to rise.

This will be officially announced later after obtaining legal advice.


Shipping Policy

Overseas delivery usually takes about 2 weeks.

The ordered product will be delivered through an art delivery company.

After the work is first safely packaged on, a delivery company will do the second packaging.

In case of overseas delivery, the glass frame is removed due to fear of damage.

It is delivered in basic wooden frame condition.

Delivery is handled by the ‘’ delivery team specialized in delivery, and ‘’ is not responsible for other transportation companies or delivery systems designated by the customer.

Return & Exchange Policy

If the condition of the product is different from what is known, you may request a refund upon receipt


If there is no problem with the product, you can request a refund due to simple change of heart within 7 days.

In this case, a 10% fee will be deducted and the refund process will proceed.


There is no problem with the product

After 7 days of receipt of the product, the seller is not obligated to refund

(Customers are responsible for any costs incurred during the exchange/return process.)

exchange/return is not possible If the work is damaged due to customer reasons after the work is delivered

In case of a decrease in the value of goods due to customer use or partial consumption, changes in the art market, etc.


For what is not specified, we follow common business practices.