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Reprisal & Rediscovery Exhibition featuring work by Soilart Jo-DoJoong from September 7 – September 28, 2021Reception: Thursday, September 9, 2021 6-8 PM


"I want to put the image of eternity in my heart and draw it on canvas. I have been using soil as a material since 1997, leading the earth painting genre in the world of art history. I had a desire to break away from the same art form. My discovery experience commenced by erasing my past experiences and knowledge. The soil is cozy and warm. It is comfortable and calm. This feeling cannot be felt with the color of paint. This initiated the possibility of discovering a new perspective for the essence of things."

— Soilart Jo-DoJoong

Over the past 24 years, Soilart Jo-DoJoong has developed his technique and expanded his materials to create unique mediums, colors, and application processes for soil art. The minerals in soil lend original colors to his works and allow the work to shimmer when illuminated, creating an exquisite effect and impression.


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